Reward Points

Reward Points are our way of saying thank you for shopping at Airtek Hobbies. Every time you shop, you will be rewarded with points which you can put towards future purchases online!
You can earn points every time you spend at Airtek Hobbies. Whatever you buy whether it is a packet of hinges or a new R/C system, you will earn reward points to spend on your next purchase. Points value are based on the value of each individual product and displayed above the add to basket button.
To take advantage of Rewards Points you need to create an account by clicking the ‘My Account’ button by the search bar at the top. Please also consider joining our mailing list as with Subscriber Special Offers you can even use points on these.
You can also earn 30 points just for creating an account, and 30 points for leaving a product review.

Start using your reward points and stretch that hobby pound!


Reward points can be earned on every product on the website. The amount of points that can be earned depends on the products value.
The amount of points that can be earned and the discounts that can be earned on susequent orders is displayed above the ‘Add to Basket’ Button.

Once a product is added to the basket the amount of points you could earn with this purchase is shown above your order list. If you add more products to the cart this will increase according to the points value of the products you add.
Also show are any Reward Points in your account which you can redeeem against your order, (or not, you may want to save them up, it’s up to you!).


To redeem your Award Points from previous orders on the order you are about to make click the ‘Redeem them’ link above the Billing Details.

A box and button will then appear. Enter the amount of Reward Points you want to redeem in the box (this can be all or any amount you want up to the amount you have available) and click ‘Apply Reward Points’. If you don’t want to redeem any at this time just ignore and go to straight to checkout)


Your redeemed Loyaly Points will be highlighted in your order summary and the total amount you have to pay is reduced by their value. Just checkout and you are done.
Your hobby just got cheaper!

And now the Smallprint (but big enough for you to read)

Loyalty points have no direct monetary value. The valued amount can only be redeemed as a discount against future orders. They are offered on a goodwill basis and we reserve the right to withdraw them at any time (but we have no intention of doing so). If for any reason we are unable to trade either temporarily or permanantly these points will be deemed lost.

Reward Points are Valid to be redeemed as a discount 120 days from the earning date after which if not used will expire.